Our Love For Lana

For a few years now, we have thrown around the idea of opening up a small intimate full service restaurant with a lounge. A place where busy people could retreat to and feel like they felt at home (minus the cooking, cleaning and laundry). We started jotting down our vision, the getaway we would want for a “date night”. Good food, friendly people, local music, no TV, no stress. Just smiles and laughter.

We planned our trip to New York and Las Vegas to seek out different lounges, listen to various musicians and of course try out lots of good food! While eating and enjoying a few cocktails one day, we spotted a hostess passing her time drawing cartoon characters. We loved her technique and asked if she would draw a cartoon of a sultry, classy, 50’s pinup feel. Two days later Lana was born! 

When we found Lana’s location we felt that it was a sign. Shan had worked as a chef, in the very same restaurant way back when he was a young lad (with hair).

We are both so excited to start this next phase in our lives and cannot wait to have you all make some lasting memories and leave with a great big smile!

Lana’s Lounge aims to please and we will surely tempt your senses:)
Here’s to you being part of the Lana’s Family.

Shan and Marissa



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